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Dear Artist,
As an Artist of Bristol member, you are entitled to be included in our Artists Portfolio Binder.
This collection features a Biography and examples of artwork from all our members.
Examples of Artists Bios and artwork can be found on the web, and I have attached my own pages as an example. You have a 2-page spread and may display your content in any format or style you choose.
You can:
·       * Print your own pages and give them to me for inclusion in the binder OR
·       * Send me your written Bio & a few examples of your work (JPEG images) & I will print them & insert them in our binder – Send to Marty at
New Members: Do it now, before you forget
Long Term Members: You’ve probably forgotten what you have submitted, so feel free to send me updated images and/or Bio information
ALSO -  you may include 3 art images to be included in our gallery pages to sell. Send images and descriptions (medium, size, price etc) Pieces must remain available for 3 months. In the event of a sale, the information will be forwarded to you and is your responsibility to ship in a timely manner. AOB will receive 10% of any sales. Send images and/or questions to Webmaster George Servais Only quality images will be accepted. Images should be in a large format. 
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me.
Looking forward to having your work included in our very diverse members Portfolios.

Marty Shively
Membership Chairperson