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Date: August 11, 2021


Number of Attendees:  14



Membership:  New Member: (Returning member) Pat Chillius. Three individuals paid dues for 2021. (Members are reminded that for the remainder of the year, dues will be $10. They will return to $20 in January.)


Lower Bucks Hospital Show: Take down for the existing show is Monday, August 23 from 3:30 t0 6:00. The new show will be hung on August 30 from 3:30 to 6:00. The new show is titled “Bring on the Color” and participants are encouraged to send a picture or two to Lisa McGovern ( to be used in publicity. Please be sure your photographs are clear and do not include a frame. There are currently 12 participants who have signed up for the show. If you have not done so and would like to be involved please contact Ilene Rubin ASAP. (  NOTE: THE PROSPECTUS, AND GUIDELINES, FOR THIS VENUE HAVE CHANGED. PLEASE REVIEW AND FOLLOW THEM CAREFULLY.


The entry fee for the show is $10 and AOB dues must be paid inorder to participate. ($10 for the remainder of the year).


“Show Etiquette” – Rosemarie Strippoli shared information about a pamphlet that is being developed for distribution to the membership which contains information about the expectations and responsibilities for people who participate in art shows. These will be distributed at a future meeting.


BCCCollege shows: Tentative approval has been given for three shows to be housed at the Lower Bucks Campus:


          “Black and white with a Twist of Red” (Artist sets price) –

Drop off October 14

                   Reception October 22


          “Show Some Heart” – (all works are $125) –

                   Drop off February 4

                   Reception February 11


          “Spring is in the Air” (Artist sets price

                   Drop off March 30

                   Reception April 8


Information and registration forms will be on the college web site when final approval is obtained.


September meeting: Our guest speaker for the September meeting will be SiriOm Singh. He is a musician, a self-taught abstract impressionist painter and the owner of Cross Polination Gallery in Lambertville New Jersey.


Following the business meeting we had a fun and successful “Trade”, and “give away” of artists materials. Thank you to all who participated!


(Rodney has a set of display boards he is willing to give away. Please contact him directly if interested)



Agenda items: If there is anything you would like to put on the agenda for an AOB meeting please get the information to Rodney Miller ( by the Friday before the meeting.


Website: Don’t forget to check the website frequently for information about upcoming shows and opportunities to exhibit.



Next Meeting: September 8, 2021


Linda Grafius