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Membership: Marty Shively reported that we currently have 67 members.


Lower Bucks Hospital Show: Ilene Rubin reported that the new show was successfully hung. There are 21 artists participating, and 96 paintings are on display. The hospital provided extra hooks and hangers so we could accommodate more people (There will be a cap of 22 on the number of artists who can display in the future.) Congratulations to Marty Shively, who  already sold one of her paintings. Lisa McGovern has been doing publicity for the show. She has designed a poster and a slide show, both of which are on the AOB Facebook page

Due to Covid19 restrictions, anyone wishing to view the show must go the security desk at the entrance to the lobby and obtain a pass specifically for the art show.

The next change over for art at this location is expected to be in June.


Arts and Cultural Council of Bucks County : AOB has renewed our membership in ACCBC. In addition to being our Facebook administrator, Lisa McGovern will be our liaison with the council. We can use ACCBC to set up virtual galleries, promote shows, and advertise events.


Puzzle Project: Deborah Eater reports that we have 20 artists who have currently registered for this project. They are working on a total of 74 pieces. Anyone who still wishes to participate may do so. Information and registration information are on the AOB Facebook page and on our website.  Deadline for registration is March 30.


Future Speakers: President, Rodney Miller has arranged for several speakers for our meetings:


          Jennifer Gershon – Portrait photographer

          Harry Borden – oil pastel/acrylic artist and gallery owner

          Cindy Rossinger – Acrylic artist

          Mindy Trost – bookmaker


Dates for these speakers will be provided in future notifications.


Speaker: Following our business meeting, AOB member Ilene Rubin gave a very informative talk and slide show on using the Grisalle method of underpainting for oil paintings.



Agenda items: If there is anything you would like to put on the agenda for an AOB meeting please get the information to Rodney Miller ( by the Friday before the meeting.


Website: Don’t forget to check the website frequently for information about upcoming shows and opportunities to exhibit.



Next Meeting: April 14, 2021