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Number of Attendees: 22


New Member: Deidra kerricks


Exhibitions: Ilene Rubin presented information about future exhibits at Lower Bucks Hospital. She will be the contact person for all aspects of the show including hanging, take down, labels, sales and receptions.                   The hospital is requiring that someone from their staff be present when any art is changed, and that a form be signed releasing the hospital from any liability.  There will be three shows per year. The next hanging is September 24 from 10 to noon and September 25 from 4 to 5:30. 

          The hospital has a permanent hanging system with rods and clips. The number of paintings each artist can hang will be determined by the number of participants in the show. Paintings should be no larger than 16x20.

Ilene will be sending detailed information directly to the membership concerning registration and show requirements. She will also be requesting volunteers to form a committee to help her. If she does not get enough volunteers, then each artist who enters the show will be responsible for hanging and taking down their own works.



Mentoring: Tom Furey reported that in order to plan for mentoring activities he needs information about who, from AOB, would be interested in either having a workshop (one session taught in a group) or being mentored (1:1 with a professional artist). He would also need to know which topics the potential attendees would like to learn (ie: oil, watercolor, drawing). He has solicited this information from the general membership.  


Fund raiser: Fox Chase Cancer Center is having a fund raiser on Sunday, November 10 at the AFC Fitness Center in Trevose. The cost of a table is 

(a tax deductible) $50. The suggestion was made that perhaps AOB could do this as a group. More information will be provided at the October meeting.


Speakers: Rodney Miller has requested suggestions for speakers for next year. We have a speaker at every other meeting and ideas for speakers from all aspects of the arts are encourages and welcome.


Artist Trading Cards: This year we will be doing an Artist Trading Card exchange at our Holiday Party. Details will follow, but this would be a good time to plan and make some cards to trade with other members. There are lots of videos and ideas on line for anyone needing information. Also, we may plan a social,l and ATC trading session, with other Bucks County artist groups in the future.


By-Laws: The latest draft of the by-laws revisions was presented and discussed. A final copy will be distributed prior to the next meeting. Please review it because a vote to finalize it will be taken.


Post Card Art:  Post cards for the October fundraiser were collected. Anyone who did not bring them to the meeting can drop them off at Bucks County Community College at the drop off for the “In the Shadows” show, Thursday Sept. 19.


Agenda items: If there is anything you would like to put on the agenda for an AOB meeting please get the information to Rodney Miller ( by the Friday before the meeting.


Website: Don’t forget to check the website frequently for information about upcoming shows and opportunities to exhibit.



Next Meeting: October 9, 2019