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Date: August 13, 2019


Members present: 27


Following the resignation of president George Servais, Rodney Miller has assumed the duties of president and will also continue his duties as vice president until an election is held or a replacement is appointed. Anyone wishing to volunteer to fill the role of vice president should contact the Board. Rodney reminded the group that if a member wants to put an item on the agenda the information should be sent to him a week in advance of the meeting.


Treasurers Report: Dave Eater reported that we currently have $3268.81 in our regular bank account and $5086.24 in the 21st Century account bringing our total assets to $8355.05. We had income of $271.50 from the Silver Lake show and there was a distribution of $150 as our annual donation to Silver Lake Nature Center.


Membership: Marty Shivley reported that we have over 70 paid members. She is going to contact members who have not renewed and invite them to rejoin the group.


Exhibitions: Rosemarie Stripoli shared that Ilene Rubin has agreed to be the chairperson for the Lower Bucks Hospital exhibit committee. She will need volunteers to help her. Exhibitors will be asked to volunteer in some way, as yet to be determined, to support the show.

The hospital is very keen to have us continue exhibiting there. They have installed a permanent hanging system for our use (Rosemarie is going to see if they can get hooks that lock) and will provide a variety of types of publicity. There are no dates for the next show but the hospital wants it hung ASAP. There will probably be 3 or 4 shows a year.

One issue that still needs to be addressed is that of insurance. Though exhibitors are covered for liability through the AOB policy, the hospital would like each artist to have personal insurance to cover their paintings. As this would be cost prohibitive for many artists, the matter still needs to be resolved.


Grants: Tom Furey reported that numerous local officials and governmental representatives have been contacted and that they have provided information and support in our efforts to apply for grants.


Gene Williams from the Grundy Foundation has submitted a request for proposals to conduct workshops and/or mentoring art-related experiences to an under-served segment of the community. Funding will be provided by the Grundy Foundation. Anyone wishing to participate should contact Tom or the Board for specifics.


Fundraiser: Pat Buchanan reminded the group about the specifics concerning the Post Card Sale on September 28. Participants are asked to donate 1 or 2 (4x6 or 5x7) pieces, unframed/unmated but signed. These will be sold at three venues. Pieces will be collected at the September meeting. She still needs volunteers to help set up, to help stuff programs for the theater, and to provide refreshments.


Social: Rodney suggested that we have some kind of a social event for other artists in the area. The idea was well received but no decision was made on specifics.


By-Laws: Dave Eater led a discussion of the proposed changes to the by-laws. Many suggestions were made. A copy of the revisions will be shared with all members of AOB and a vote for approval will be held at a later date.


Artist Trading Cards: Deborah Eater gave a presentation on ATCs. She shared some history of the ATC movement and had several examples to show. The members present thought it would be a fun idea to have a members’ trading session and perhaps use this idea as a component of a larger artist group social.

Members are reminded to check the web site for future events and exhibit opportunities.


Linda Grafius