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Meeting Notes – July 10, 2019

Number of Attendees: 32

Visitors/New Members: Dave Dunlap & Chris Monteiro were visitors for the first time and both have joined A.O.B. Visitors included Dave's wife, John Ennis & our speaker, JoAnn Osnoe.


Fund Raiser: Pat Buchanan provided detailed information for the Post Card (4” x 6”) fund raiser which is scheduled for September 28 & 29. The cards will be donated by AOB artists and sold for $40 each in three venues: the rehearsal hall for Bristol Riverside Theater, Angelina’s Bake Shop, and Nobel Earth. There will be a drop-off box at the September meeting for delivery of your art. We will be able to take credit card sales at these locations. Dave Eater can instruct anyone unfamiliar with using the “Square” device. A separate e-mail with time changes & volunteers listed, as well as other needs will be forthcoming from Pat.


Historic Bristol Day on October 19, 2019: Janice reported that there were 12 people who expressed interest in participation in this event.Also, there were offers from Rick Hasney & Sean Murphy to help move/set things up & take down (canopy, table, sandwich board).We have a table outside the First Baptist Church with demonstrations and examples of work, and we also have tables in the basement where artists can set up (no charge) and display/sell their art work. 


Lower Bucks Hospital: Rose Marie reported that the hospital DOES still want us to exhibit there. A consensus from the membership was reached that we should continue with this venue.  For this to be successful, we MUST have a dedicated Chairperson who can organize all aspects, especially drop-off/pick-up/storage of artwork, security issues, necessity for receptions etc.. Prospectus' from other venues will help provide assistance. Pat Riffe is willing to share information with the new person.  No one volunteered to be the chairperson at this time. 


Bucks County Community College The next show is: September - “In the Shadows” Prospects is available at the college website:

Classes: George announced that Silver Lake has agreed to allow us to hold classes there.  This will be significant as we pursue this option in the future.

 Grants: Tom Furey reported the identified area of art classes for veterans,  run by Rose Marie at the Community College.
Publicity Chairperson: Tom Furey volunteered for this much needed position. Thank you, Tom

Grundy Library Individual Shows: Janice confirmed that Rodney is showing there now & Karen Smith will be there for the months of August & September.

Tinicum Show - Rose Marie Strippoli was awarded Best in Show, 2019. 


Speaker: The very talented & accomplished Bucks Count artist, JoAnn Osnoe gave a wonderful presentation of her work & techniques as illustrated in a slide show & some samples of her work. Questions & answers followed.

 Next Meeting: August14, 2019. We will be (finally) be discussing the proposed changes to the by-laws at this meeting. Be be prepared with your questions or comments.



Respectfully submitted by Marty Shively for  Linda Grafius, Secretary