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      Meeting Notes – April 2019




      Number of Attendees: 29

      Guests: 1



      Treasurers Report: Dave Eater reported that our income for the month of March from dues and the Grundy show was $107.50 and our expense, from payment to a speaker, was $75. We have $3256.92 in the Penn Community Bank AOB fund and $5086.24 in the 21st Century account bringing our total assets to $8343.16.


      “Amazon Smile” is a site, connected to regular Amazon, which will provide a donation to the charity of the purchaser’s choosing. Dave provided information explaining this to the membership and requested that they set up an account so that funds can be generated for AOB. 

      To participate: go to, log onto your Amazon account and enter “Artists of Bristol on the Delaware” in the Pick your own box. Then follow the instructions provided.


      The Lower Bucks Hospital exhibit will be switching out on April 16 &17.  The reception will be on April 26. Pat Riffe is planning an “ice cream social and line dancing” event for the reception. Attendees will be asked to contribute toppings for the ice cream. The $10.00 entry fee for the show will be used to cover the other costs incurred for the reception.

      Donations of artwork for a raffle to be held at the reception would be appreciated. Let Pat know if you would be willing to contribute.


      Grundy Library Show: Marty Shively reported that the show was a success. It raised $330 from entry fees, garnered two new members and  we got commissions from the sales of three paintings. Next year will be the tenth year for this event and Marty is seeking ideas as to how to incorporate that fact into ways to generate more activity.

      Prizes awarded for this show were:

                          First Place – Clare Bergen

                          Second Place – Rodney Miller

                          Third Place – Dave Zimmerman

                          Honorable Mention – Boyd Owen




      Fund Raisers: Pat Buchannan is finalizing the “Post Card” fundraiser set for September. Artists will be asked to donate paintings (4x6). More detail will be shared at the next meeting.


      Grants: Tom Furey and Gretchen Schroeder have been working on getting a grant for a hanging system at the hospital. Now that the hospital is under a new administration, that need no longer exists as we can hang directly on the walls.  They stated that the board needs to provide information as to what other needs could be met with a grant if they are continue with this endeavor.


      By-laws: The board has reviewed, and made recommendations for changes to the AOB by laws. These will be presented to the membership at the next meeting for review and discussion.  A vote will be taken for approval after a two month period.


      Bristol Riverside Theater: Additional artists are needed to hang in the lobby. Contact Rosemarie Strippoli if you are interested.


      Fund Raising: The position of “Fundraising Chairperson” on the board is vacant. We need to have a chair and a committee to work on future ideas and projects. Linda Reboh, Pat Buchannan and Rick Burkhart volunteered to be on the committee and Linda volunteered to co-chair. We need more volunteers and someone to work as a co-chair with Linda. Please contact Linda Grafius (Secretary) at if you would be able to help in this effort. 


      Google Calendar:  Tom Furey will be putting a link on the AOB web site to the Google Calendar of “Bucks County Shows and Exhibits”. This lists many events that our members can go to and participate in. 


      Some suggestions from the web site suggestion box and the floor were:

                *have an agenda for each monthly meeting

                *provide information about what goes on at the board meetings

                *have more demonstrations and workshops

                *advertise shows better

                *have more committees

                *use rooms in senior centers for events/activities




      Following the regular meeting, George Servais demonstrated some of the tools and techniques he uses in his art work.


      Next Meeting: May 8, 2019


      Linda Grafius