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Date: March 13, 2019


Attendees: Dave Eater, Linda Grafius, Kitsie Saldan, George Servais, Marty Shively, Rosemarie Strippoli, (Kristen Baker)



The 21st Century Cohort 8 grant has been extended until December 2021. Money must be spent on programs for Bristol Borough children by that date or the money will need to be returned.


In addition, we have partnered on a new grant proposal for a Cohort 10 grant. If that is approved, we will have additional money to spend on similar programs.


Membership:  Marty reported that four people renewed their memberships in February. It was determined that anyone who becomes a member just to participate in a show will be considered to be a regular member.


Exhibitions: The Grundy Library Show has 33 participants who are showing 83 pieces. Three have sold. Also, there were approximately 175 people who attended the opening reception. People’s choice voting is still open.


We need to find someone to replace Claire Bergen to coordinate the bi-monthly exhibits at the library. Membership will be asked for volunteers.



Fund Raisers: Rosemarie reported that she has spoken with Pat Buchanan. Pat is planning the post-card fundraiser but has not given Rosemarie specifics to date. The expectation is that it will be held in the autumn.


By-Laws: By-laws need to be reviewed and revised. It was decided to have a special board meeting on Friday, April 5 at 11:00 at TAPS restaurant to work on this project. Board members are requested to review the existing document (available on the web-site) and come prepared with suggestions for any modifications needed. Anyone unable to attend is asked to send their thoughts to George prior to that date.


Projector: We are in need of a reliable projector. Bill Kearns and Dave Zimmerman will be asked for recommendations. The machine could be stored at Silver Lake Nature Center.


Linda Grafius



Adendum: Following the regular Board meeting, we were asked by Pat Riffe to approve a $10 entry fee from members who participate in the Lower Bucks Hospital shows. This will help offset her costs for publicity. A vote was taken by those board members present to approve this request.