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Number of Attendees: 29



Our meeting began with a comical and charming “Performance Art” piece by Caromay Robinson. It was a fun way to start the new year!



Treasurer’s Report: Our largest annual expense is for rent at the Center for the Arts. A discussion followed concerning the value of our continued association with CFA and a vote was taken with the decision being made to no longer rent space in the front of the gallery. Members were reminded that they can still participate in shows in the Back Room. (Note: there are many other places we can exhibit. Look on the web site for detailed information.)


Membership:  Dues ($20) for 2019 should be paid as soon as possible. You can pay on line by credit card or “Pay Pal”, in person, or by mail. 


Fund Raisers: It was suggested that we could do fund raisers to boost our treasury. Pat Buchanan volunteered to run a “Post Card Size” art sale where artists would contribute work and all of the proceeds of the sale would go to AOB. She will need to find a venue (perhaps the back room at CFA?) and publicity for the event will be very important for it to be a success. 


         Another suggestion was for members to run “art classes” and have the cost of the class exceed the operational costs with the profits going to AOB. Many of the members present expressed an interest in this type of activity. These classes could be open to the public with higher fees charged to non-members.


Web Site: Members were reminded that there is a “Suggestion Box” on the web site and that the board welcomes any and all ideas, concerns, and suggestions. Please use this format to share your thoughts.

If you have a personal web site it was suggested that you include the AOB logo on it.


Lower Bucks Hospital Exhibit: The hospital has again had a change in management. They still want us to continue our exhibits. Take down for the existing show is Monday, January 14 (If you are in the next show you can drop off the same day.) New people exhibiting should drop off work on Tuesday January 15. Pat Riffe will be sending detailed information and the prospectus to registered participants. The show is expected to run for three months.


Bucks County Community College: The “Show Some HeART” show will be held in February. All work should be priced at $125 with $25 going to the school’s scholarship fund and $100 going to the artist for all works sold. Information is on line at the community college web site.  


Artists at the Barn: Linda Reboh reported that many AOB artists run classes at “The Barn” in Middletown Township. These events are sponsored by Middletown Township Parks and Recreation Department and are open to the public. Fee and schedule information can be found on the Middletown Township web site or on their Face Book page (Artists at the Barn).


Grundy Library Show: This annual show will run for the month of March. Drop off will be the last weekend in February and pick up will be the first weekend in April. Marty Shively will send out a prospectus. You can enter two pieces for $10. Images are needed for publicity. They can be emailed to Marty. Also, the library is seeking “art materials” for their showcase. They can be donated or placed on loan for the duration of the show.



Shows and Exhibits: Tom Furey provided the following information as a resource for art activities locally.


Google Calendar Name: Bucks County Shows & Exhibits


Any one representing an Arts Organization can submit their email address and Tom will add them to the permission list for the calendar.


Critique: There will be no speaker at the next meeting. Instead we invite anyone who wishes to participate, to bring one piece of art work so that members of the group can offer constructive criticism and suggestions. This is intended to be a positive learning experience and a chance to benefit from the knowledge of your peers.


Linda Grafius (Secretary)