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Date: October 10, 2018

Attendees: Gail Bracegirdle, Linda Grafius, Janice Rhodes, Kitsie Saldan, George Servais, Marty Shively, John Styner

Historic Bristol Day: A discussion was held concerning a misunderstanding of the Plein Air portion of HBD. Kitsie was under the impression that Janice (who is in charge of the AOB activities for HBD) had said there was to be no Plein Air exhibit, when in fact it had been planned and is advertised as such.

Event Evaluation Forms: Marty brought to the attention of the group that evaluation forms already exist and should be in use for every event. Kitsie had been working on revising/ adding to/ developing a new form and had sought input. It was determined that if she continues with this effort that she should bring her ideas/changes to the Board for a vote.

Elections: Per the AOB by-laws, an election of officers is to take place in December with the new officers assuming their duties in January. Linda will send information as to the duties of each position to the membership and ask for those members interested in running for office to contact her. She will prepare a ballot for use at the December meeting.
John, Gail, Janice, and George (who tendered his resignation from the Board at the beginning of the meeting) will not be seeking re-election.

Ideas for the future: John made the following suggestions for ways to improve communication going forward:
*have an “agenda” for both Board and general meetings
*allow guests to attend Board meetings by first e-mailing the president with a request to do so
*have each committee chair give a report at the meetings
*report on “where the money goes”
*have an updated member list available at each meeting

Due to time constraints, no actions were taken on these suggestions