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Meeting Notes – August 2018



Number of Attendees: 21


Financial Report: AOB remains solvent. We had income last month of $329 from art sales and a tax refund, and expenses of $289 that included the purchase of membership cards, a donation to Silver Lake Nature Center and a registration fee for Historic Bristol Day.


Lower Bucks HospitalLower Bucks Hospital Exhibit: Friday, September 7 is the take-down date for the current show. The new show will go up on Monday, September 10. Phil, from the hospital, will hang paintings that are under glass. All others will be hung by AOB members and will utilize 3M hooks/ strips that will be provided by the hospital. The reception will be held on October 4 in conjunction with a hospital lecture on “Health Matters”.

Volunteers from the group agreed to help hang paintings on September 10. We will also need volunteers to donate (store bought) food for the reception. Please email Pat Riffe ( if you are able to help.


Grundy Library:

The Grundy Library is hosting its annual exhibit and the theme this year is small businesses in Bristol.  They are inviting the AOB members to contribute to the exhibit by displaying any photos or paintings they might have of small business in Bristol Borough (past or present) and that they would be willing to display for the month of October.  (This does not include fire stations or churches.)


There are 3 small walls available to use to display the pieces so depending on how many responses they will determine how many pieces they can accept from each artist.  As of right now it is unknown how many artists are interested, so they are saying they will take 1-2 pieces per artist.  The cutoff date for responses from the artists is September 17th. 


They are requesting that the pieces be delivered to the library September 26th and 27th and picked up by the artist October 31st.  The exhibit is running from October 5th to October 31st.


Interested artists should contact: 


Patricia Gilardi

Administrative Assistant

The Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Library

680 Radcliffe Street

Bristol, Pa  19007

Telephone:  215-788-7891 x10

Fax:  215-788-4976


Center for the Arts: Dave Eater reports that the change over at CFA is Wednesday, August 15. 


Historic Bristol Day: HBD will be held on October 20. We will again be in the church basement and have a display booth in front of the church. This year we will be adding a new component to our activity. We will be having a Plein Air Demonstration at 2:00 behind the church. This will be listed in the program and will give our organization more exposure. 


Exhibits: Kitsie Saldan reported that a new form is being developed that will be filled out by each coordinator so that we can learn about the particulars of each event such as number of sales, attendees, problems, suggestions for the future, etc.


Sound: It was noted that some people have difficulty hearing during our meetings. A sound system was suggested. This will be discussed at a future board meeting.


Guest Speaker: our speaker for the evening was Richard Harrington, President of the Philadelphia Sketch Club.


The following was forwarded by Gail : (The sketches are by our speaker.)



Visual artists dedicated to fostering creativity, 
art appreciation, and education.


Dear Gail,

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August 2018 Portfolio


August 2018 Portfolio

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