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 Meeting Notes – May 9, 2018

 Number of Attendees: 31 (1 guest) 


FINANCIAL STATUS: Gene Williams informed the group that at this time our expenses are beginning to be greater than our income. We have about $4000 in annual expenses (Insurance, CFA space rental, workshop fees, etc.) and income from only dues and commissions. As a result, the Board has decided to re-apply for 501c3 status which means we will be designated as a “not for profit” organization and can apply for grants for both capital and programming needs. Gene has volunteered his legal services to do the application. Tom Furey and Gretchen Schroeder volunteered to work with Gene on writing future grants.


 GRUNDY LIBRARY: In conjunction with Historic Bristol Day, the library is looking to do an exhibit of paintings/drawings of businesses in Bristol. Anyone wishing to participate is invited to contact the library directly.


 SILVER LAKE NATURE CENTER EXHIBIT: This annual AOB event will be held From June 9 to June 24. The theme is “Summer Sojourn” and entries should be related to nature or the summer season. Drop off is the evening of June 6th or the morning of June 7th. Reception is Saturday, June 9, from 2-5. There is a $10 entry fee. (Additional details to follow.)


 GUEST SPEAKER: Our guest speaker for the evening was Nancy Shill who demonstrated her style and techniques for abstract collages. More of her work can be viewed at


 NEXT MEETING: June 13, 2018, at 7:00 Silver Lake Nature Center


 Linda Grafius