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Meeting Notes – April 11, 2018


Number of Attendees: 32 (+1 guest)


TREASURERS REPORT was given by Janice Rhodes. Our financial position remains strong. We had income this month from paintings sold at the Grundy show and at the hospital. Rent to CFA has been paid.


WORKSHOPS: Jen Renshaw completed her workshops on portraiture. She spoke to the group about her methodology and showed samples of the type of work covered in her classes. Several members showed some of the work they had produced under her direction. The workshop was very well received and attended.


Rodney Miller has produced a video of this workshop that will be available for viewing on the AOB Facebook page.


Gail Bracegirdle will be doing our next workshop (watercolor) in the summer. Details and registration information will be provided at a later date.


Please remember that these workshops are FREE to AOB members.


GRUNDY LIBRARY SHOW:  This show was very successful. There were over 100 students who participated as well as entries from many AOB members.

The “People’s Choice awards were:


          1st Place……….Kristen Baker

          2nd place……….Tom Furey

          3rd place……….Marty Shively

          HM……………Bill Roadfuss


PUBLICITY: John Styner ordered a new sign that will be used to publicize our events. Also, Kelly and Dave Zimmerman printed flyers to advertise the LBH reception on April 27, 6:00 to 8:00.


GRUNDY LIBRARY ONGOING DISPLAY: There is a waiting list to display art behind the circulation desk at the library. Anyone wishing to get on this list should contact Claire Bergan at


ADULT ART CLASSES: A number of art classes for adults are being run by Middletown Township. Several of our members are instructors for these sessions. Contact the Township for additional information.


DYNAMIC SYMETRY: Tom Furey brought one of his paintings and explained his approach to the work and his use of dynamic symmetry to devise the composition. He also told the group about the historical use of tools such as lenses and special cameras to project images. These were used by the “old masters” and are appropriate for today’s artist. (George Servais will bring his Camera Lucinda to the next meeting to demonstrate this procedure.)


Please remember to check the AOB Face book page and the web site for information about exhibits and opportunities to display your work.


Linda Grafius




PS Jean Schanz has a piano she is willing to give away. She can be contacted at 609-422-6820