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Treasurers Report: Janice Rhodes announced the balance in our account. AOB is in a sound financial position.

 Guest: Tina Chapman (watercolorist)

 Election of Officers: Members were reminded that the duties of officers are posted on our website. An open position which really needs to be filled is that of Archivist. There were no nominations for any position, from the floor. Elections will be in March.

 Workshop: Jen Renshaw will be conducting a four-week-long workshop on portraiture. It will be held on Saturdays beginning March 12, from 9 to 12, at the Falls Township Senior Center (2142 Trenton Rd, Levittown). She will teach a different approach each week, using live models and photos. The workshop is free to AOB members, however, artists will need to provide their own supplies. For more information, or to register, contact Jen at

 Grundy Library Show: The prospectus for this show is on our website. Registration of artwork to be entered is due to Marty Shively ( by February 15.  Reception is scheduled for Friday, March 2, from 6 to 8 pm. The library is in need of “art supplies” for a display that will be held in conjunction with our show. Anyone wishing to lend some items can take them directly to the library (ask for Barbara Geheart).

 Grants: In order to help AOB grow, we would like to apply for grants. Anyone who knows how to write grants, or who is willing to learn, is asked to contact John Styner or Gene Williams. (The Grundy Library offers resources and classes in grant writing skills.)

 Plein Air Group: Jen Renshaw reported that the group met once in January and that more sessions are planned for warmer weather.

 Lower Bucks Has Heart:  This event will be held at Lower Bucks Hospital on February 28 from 10 to 2 (free) and 6:30 to 8 ($10 fee). AOB will have a table and artists currently on display at the hospital are invited to provide 8x10 matted works for sale.

Pat Riffe suggested that we provide more publicity for our events and suggested that a portable sign be purchased.

 Lower Bucks Hospital Lobby Exhibit: The question arose as to whether or not prints, as opposed to original works, can be displayed. Rosemarie Strippoli informed the group that this was not the arrangement with the hospital and that only originals are to be shown. It was left up to Pat Riffe, who coordinates these displays, as to whether or not to ask hospital staff if this change could be made.

 Center for the Arts: Dave Eater reported that the display was changed last Monday. There is still space on the shelves for 3D work. Let him know if you are interested ( Also, he has vacancies for the next cycle that will start in mid-April.

Event Summary: Event coordinators were reminded to fill out an “Event Summary Form” (located on the website) and also to plan to share with the membership a brief report on the event itself.

 Help with pick-up/delivery of artwork: We want to encourage as many people as possible to participate in our exhibits. It has been noted that some people may have difficulty with getting their work to and/or from a particular venue due to travel, work or scheduling issues. Volunteers were requested to help with this. These arrangements would be made between the artists and the artist who needs the help would be responsible to get the works to and from the home of the artist who is helping and to be sure that all labels and fees are provided.

 Speakers: A list of volunteers who would be willing to show/discuss their art work at a future meeting was generated.

 Guest speaker: Larry Chestnut (

                                         NEXT MEETING: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 2018

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