Meeting Notes – July 2018



Number of Attendees: 33


Treasurer’s Report: We had income last month from entry fees from the Silver Lake Nature Center show, from commissions and from dues. Our expenditures included our rental fee to CFA, application fees for the 501c3 and the printing of membership cards.


Artists were reminded that if their paintings sell at an AOB event that they need to pay a 10% commission fee to AOB.


Quilt Show: The Bucks County Visitor Center on Street Road is hosting their annual quilt show now through September 3rd.


Grundy Library: The library is still in need of paintings/photographs of “Businesses in Bristol” to display in conjunction with Historic Bristol Day. They are due September 17. (Watch your email for a complete prospectus.)


Focal Planes: This photography group will be having a photo booth at First Friday events in Bristol.


Center for the Arts: The next AOB exhibit for this gallery is from mid-August through October. Contact Dave Eater ( if you wish to show your work. Remember you will be required to gallery sit if you participate.


Bucks County Community College: BCCC has posted information for all the shows for next year on their website. The themes for the shows are “ Come Together”, “Show Some Heart”, and “Make It New”.


Summer Camp:  Teachers are still in need of corks, ½ gallon plastic milk jugs, and small plastic plant containers. They can be dropped off at Silver Lake Nature Center or contact Marty Shively at


Dying Sneakers: Grundy Library is sponsoring a free event to transform your sneakers into a “kaleidoscope of color”. Saturday July 21 at 10:30 am. All ages welcome. More information and registration at


Hopewell Valley New Jersey: A fundraiser is being held to raise money to combat the ash borer beetle. Sections of tree trunk are being painted/decorated for sale. Watch your email for more details as to how you can participate in this event.


Lower Bucks Hospital: Gene Williams and Pat Riffe met with Kelly Lorah from LBH to discuss our past involvement with the hospital and our future plans. A number of suggestions were made and the board voted to proceed with the following changes:


  • There will be three exhibits per year - Winter, Spring/Summer, Fall. Each will run for four months
  • Paintings under glass will be hung by Phil from the hospital maintenance staff. All other paintings will be hung by the artist using 3M hooks/strips provided by the hospital
  • An AOB member will create and print biographies and labels that will contain contact information. Artists will handle sales directly.


It was agreed to continue the exhibit with these changes for the next one or two cycles and to re-evaluate their effectiveness at a later date.


If you are interested in participating in the next show contact Pat Riffe at


Following the meeting, a number of members shared materials, books, and magazines with other members of the group. Thank you to those who participated.



Next Meeting: August 8, 2018


Linda Grafius




 Meeting Notes – May 9, 2018

 Number of Attendees: 31 (1 guest) 


FINANCIAL STATUS: Gene Williams informed the group that at this time our expenses are beginning to be greater than our income. We have about $4000 in annual expenses (Insurance, CFA space rental, workshop fees, etc.) and income from only dues and commissions. As a result, the Board has decided to re-apply for 501c3 status which means we will be designated as a “not for profit” organization and can apply for grants for both capital and programming needs. Gene has volunteered his legal services to do the application. Tom Furey and Gretchen Schroeder volunteered to work with Gene on writing future grants.


 GRUNDY LIBRARY: In conjunction with Historic Bristol Day, the library is looking to do an exhibit of paintings/drawings of businesses in Bristol. Anyone wishing to participate is invited to contact the library directly.


 SILVER LAKE NATURE CENTER EXHIBIT: This annual AOB event will be held From June 9 to June 24. The theme is “Summer Sojourn” and entries should be related to nature or the summer season. Drop off is the evening of June 6th or the morning of June 7th. Reception is Saturday, June 9, from 2-5. There is a $10 entry fee. (Additional details to follow.)


 GUEST SPEAKER: Our guest speaker for the evening was Nancy Shill who demonstrated her style and techniques for abstract collages. More of her work can be viewed at


 NEXT MEETING: June 13, 2018, at 7:00 Silver Lake Nature Center


 Linda Grafius




Meeting Notes – April 11, 2018


Number of Attendees: 32 (+1 guest)


TREASURERS REPORT was given by Janice Rhodes. Our financial position remains strong. We had income this month from paintings sold at the Grundy show and at the hospital. Rent to CFA has been paid.


WORKSHOPS: Jen Renshaw completed her workshops on portraiture. She spoke to the group about her methodology and showed samples of the type of work covered in her classes. Several members showed some of the work they had produced under her direction. The workshop was very well received and attended.


Rodney Miller has produced a video of this workshop that will be available for viewing on the AOB Facebook page.


Gail Bracegirdle will be doing our next workshop (watercolor) in the summer. Details and registration information will be provided at a later date.


Please remember that these workshops are FREE to AOB members.


GRUNDY LIBRARY SHOW:  This show was very successful. There were over 100 students who participated as well as entries from many AOB members.

The “People’s Choice awards were:


          1st Place……….Kristen Baker

          2nd place……….Tom Furey

          3rd place……….Marty Shively

          HM……………Bill Roadfuss


PUBLICITY: John Styner ordered a new sign that will be used to publicize our events. Also, Kelly and Dave Zimmerman printed flyers to advertise the LBH reception on April 27, 6:00 to 8:00.


GRUNDY LIBRARY ONGOING DISPLAY: There is a waiting list to display art behind the circulation desk at the library. Anyone wishing to get on this list should contact Claire Bergan at


ADULT ART CLASSES: A number of art classes for adults are being run by Middletown Township. Several of our members are instructors for these sessions. Contact the Township for additional information.


DYNAMIC SYMETRY: Tom Furey brought one of his paintings and explained his approach to the work and his use of dynamic symmetry to devise the composition. He also told the group about the historical use of tools such as lenses and special cameras to project images. These were used by the “old masters” and are appropriate for today’s artist. (George Servais will bring his Camera Lucinda to the next meeting to demonstrate this procedure.)


Please remember to check the AOB Face book page and the web site for information about exhibits and opportunities to display your work.


Linda Grafius




PS Jean Schanz has a piano she is willing to give away. She can be contacted at 609-422-6820


 Meeting Notes – March 14, 201 Number of attendees: 33 (+ 4 guests)

 ELECTIONS: There being no nominations from the floor, the officers for 2018 are as follows:

President– John Styner ,Vice President – Gail Bracegirdle, Treasure – Janice Rhodes, Secretary – Linda Grafius, Membership – Marty Shively, Publicity  - George Servais, Event Coordinator – Rosemarie Strippoli, Grundy Foundation Representative – Eugene Williams

 TREASURERS REPORT was given by Janice Rhodes. AOB remains in a good financial position. We have several new members and quite a few people have sold recently providing commissions for the treasury.

 PUBLICITY: Pat Riffe, who is in charge of our exhibits at Lower Bucks Hospital, has suggested that we need more publicity to get the word out for her events as well as others that we do. Dave and Kelly Zimmerman (who brought a sample of a retractable sign that they purchased) volunteered to work with Pat on developing signage for AOB. John Styner also volunteered to work on the graphics for this project. It was decided that these signs should be generic and not date specific so that they can be used multiple times.

 GRUNDY SHOW: Marty Shively reported that 30 artists are participating in this show. The reception was delayed due to a snowstorm but over 100 people attended the postponed event. Several paintings have sold. Prior to the pick up (April 7 from 1-3) winners will be notified so that they can come early for a photo-op.

 EXHIBIT OPPORTUNITIES: There are a number of upcoming shows that are available for artists to show their work.  The prospectus information for these shows is posted on the AOB website and on the AOB Face Book page.

 WORKSHOP: Jen Renshaw reported that her Portrait Workshop is off to a great start. Her class for March 17 is full but she has openings for the March 24 and 31 classes. She can be reached at if you are interested.

 CENTER FOR THE ARTS: The current exhibit for AOB artists will change in mid-April. Two spots are available for the next rotation. Contact Dave Eater ( if you are interested. You will be expected to gallery sit in exchange for displaying your art.

 LOWER BUCKS HOSPITAL: A new three month rotation at LBH will begin in mid-April. This is a great opportunity to show your work in a high visibility venue. Please contact Pat Riffe ( to sigh up.

 SILVER LAKE NATURE CENTER SHOW: This annual AOB show will be held in June. The theme of the show is “Nature”. All mediums are welcome. More information will follow..

SILVER LAKE NATURE CENTER FUND RAISER: Earl Lehman, a landscape and abstract artist from northern Pennsylvania, will be showing his work at the Center during the month of April. Any sales will benefit SLNC. Mr. Lehman attended the meeting and showed samples of his work.

 PROGRAM: Following the general meeting members of the Focal Planes Photography Club talked about some of the works on display at the Center in their Photography Show.

 Next Meeting: April 11, 2018





Treasurers Report: Janice Rhodes announced the balance in our account. AOB is in a sound financial position.

 Guest: Tina Chapman (watercolorist)

 Election of Officers: Members were reminded that the duties of officers are posted on our website. An open position which really needs to be filled is that of Archivist. There were no nominations for any position, from the floor. Elections will be in March.

 Workshop: Jen Renshaw will be conducting a four-week-long workshop on portraiture. It will be held on Saturdays beginning March 12, from 9 to 12, at the Falls Township Senior Center (2142 Trenton Rd, Levittown). She will teach a different approach each week, using live models and photos. The workshop is free to AOB members, however, artists will need to provide their own supplies. For more information, or to register, contact Jen at

 Grundy Library Show: The prospectus for this show is on our website. Registration of artwork to be entered is due to Marty Shively ( by February 15.  Reception is scheduled for Friday, March 2, from 6 to 8 pm. The library is in need of “art supplies” for a display that will be held in conjunction with our show. Anyone wishing to lend some items can take them directly to the library (ask for Barbara Geheart).

 Grants: In order to help AOB grow, we would like to apply for grants. Anyone who knows how to write grants, or who is willing to learn, is asked to contact John Styner or Gene Williams. (The Grundy Library offers resources and classes in grant writing skills.)

 Plein Air Group: Jen Renshaw reported that the group met once in January and that more sessions are planned for warmer weather.

 Lower Bucks Has Heart:  This event will be held at Lower Bucks Hospital on February 28 from 10 to 2 (free) and 6:30 to 8 ($10 fee). AOB will have a table and artists currently on display at the hospital are invited to provide 8x10 matted works for sale.

Pat Riffe suggested that we provide more publicity for our events and suggested that a portable sign be purchased.

 Lower Bucks Hospital Lobby Exhibit: The question arose as to whether or not prints, as opposed to original works, can be displayed. Rosemarie Strippoli informed the group that this was not the arrangement with the hospital and that only originals are to be shown. It was left up to Pat Riffe, who coordinates these displays, as to whether or not to ask hospital staff if this change could be made.

 Center for the Arts: Dave Eater reported that the display was changed last Monday. There is still space on the shelves for 3D work. Let him know if you are interested ( Also, he has vacancies for the next cycle that will start in mid-April.

Event Summary: Event coordinators were reminded to fill out an “Event Summary Form” (located on the website) and also to plan to share with the membership a brief report on the event itself.

 Help with pick-up/delivery of artwork: We want to encourage as many people as possible to participate in our exhibits. It has been noted that some people may have difficulty with getting their work to and/or from a particular venue due to travel, work or scheduling issues. Volunteers were requested to help with this. These arrangements would be made between the artists and the artist who needs the help would be responsible to get the works to and from the home of the artist who is helping and to be sure that all labels and fees are provided.

 Speakers: A list of volunteers who would be willing to show/discuss their art work at a future meeting was generated.

 Guest speaker: Larry Chestnut (

                                         NEXT MEETING: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 2018

                                              SILVER LAKE NATURE CENTER

Artists of Bristol on the Delaware

Meeting Notes for December 13, 2017


In place of the regular monthly meeting, the Artists of Bristol held its annual holiday party.  More than 30 people attended and enjoyed an evening of good food and conversation.


Other matters:  AOB needs volunteers for the position of Secretary, which requires regular attendance at board and member meetings to report on those happenings to the membership via the internet each month; and the position of Archivist.  At present, this requires regular attendance at the board meetings and keeping of printed materials and photos concerning the Artists of Bristol. If you are interested in helping with these important positions, contact John Styner at


Website:  Any member who would like to have their art represented on our website can send images of their art to George Servais at It is not necessary that you offer art for sale.




Annual Membership of $20 for 2018 is due.


The next meeting of the Artists of Bristol will take place on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, at 7 PM at the Silver Lake Nature Center on Bath Road in Bristol PA. The board meeting begins at 6 PM.

Artists of Bristol on the Delaware

Meeting Notes for November 8, 2017


Presiding Officer:  Gail Bracegirdle                                       Number Attending: 26


Guests: Staci Tantum spoke about 21st Century Community Learning Centers and distributed information for anyone interested in volunteering as an instructor for art or craft projects in the Bristol school district. Contact her at


Lower Bucks Hospital: Pat Riffe informed us that there were two sales at our ongoing exhibit at the hospital, and a Christmas Bazaar is planned for December 1.  She discussed the possibility of AOB having a display of inexpensive artwork for sale.  If you are interested in offering work for sale at this event, contact her at The reception for the artists who are currently exhibiting on the walls will be on November 19 from 1 to 3 PM contact her regarding refreshments. Additionally, a discussion ensued as to permitting artists to exhibit framed prints that would lower the cost of the art for sale given the venue.  A vote was suggested, but not taken.


Holiday Party: Refreshments are needed for our annual holiday party and a list was circulated.  If you are planning to come please contact Janice Rhodes at or Kitsie Seldan at


Announcements: Pat Riffe announced her participation along with other local artists at Levittown’s Holiday Art Show at the Framed to Perfections Art Gallery, 8728 New Falls Road, Levittown, on Saturday, November 11 from 11 AM to 3 PM. There will be music, food, and wine.


The business portion of the meeting concluded, Gail B. introduced Paul Mordetsky, who brought some of his original artwork and did an engaging on-screen presentation of his works of varied styles in oil, drawings in inks and oil pencil.




The next meeting of the Artists of Bristol will be our annual Holiday Party and take place on Wednesday, December 13 at 6 PM at the Silver Lake Nature Center on Bath Road in Bristol Township.