Meeting Notes – June 12, 2019

Number of Attendees: 17


Books: The family of Claire Bergan graciously donated a number of books from her library for any member who wanted them. 


Historic Bristol Day: This event will be held on October 19, 2019. We have a table outside the First Baptist Church with demonstrations and examples of work, and we also have tables in the basement where artists can set up (no charge) and display/sell their art work. If you are interested in participating in this year’s event please tell Janice Rhodes ( Also, MANpower is needed to set-up and clean-up for this event.


Bucks County Community College There will be three art shows at the college this school year: September - “In the Shadows”, February – “Have Some Heart”, and April - “Black and White…With a Touch of Red”. Information and details are on the college website.


Fund Raisers : Pat Buchanan provided detailed information for the Post Card (4” x 6”) fund raiser which is scheduled for September 28 & 29. The cards will be donated by AOB artists and sold for $50 each in three venues: the rehearsal hall for Bristol Riverside Theater, Angelina’s Bake Shop, and Nobel Earth. There will be a drop-off box at the September meeting for anyone wishing to deliver his/her art work early. Also, we will be able to take credit card sales at these locations. Dave Eater will show us how to use the “Square” device for this. (Details for this event are in the attached flyers.) 


Grants: Tom Furey reported that he, Karen Smith, Gene Williams and Gretchen Schroeder met with Laura Saloyie from the Grundy Library to learn more about what grants are available and how to go about applying. The plan is to gather information over the summer with the goal of submitting proposals for grants in September. The four currently identified areas where grant monies could be used are : art classes for veterans, AOB member/public workshops, a LBH hanging system, and exhibition props and signs.


Following the general meeting, artists viewed and discussed the pieces that are on display at Silver Lake Nature Center in the “Summer Sojourn” show.


Next Meeting: July 10, 2019. We will be discussing the proposed changes to the by-laws at this meeting.



      Meeting Notes – April 2019




      Number of Attendees: 29

      Guests: 1



      Treasurers Report: Dave Eater reported that our income for the month of March from dues and the Grundy show was $107.50 and our expense, from payment to a speaker, was $75. We have $3256.92 in the Penn Community Bank AOB fund and $5086.24 in the 21st Century account bringing our total assets to $8343.16.


      “Amazon Smile” is a site, connected to regular Amazon, which will provide a donation to the charity of the purchaser’s choosing. Dave provided information explaining this to the membership and requested that they set up an account so that funds can be generated for AOB. 

      To participate: go to, log onto your Amazon account and enter “Artists of Bristol on the Delaware” in the Pick your own box. Then follow the instructions provided.


      The Lower Bucks Hospital exhibit will be switching out on April 16 &17.  The reception will be on April 26. Pat Riffe is planning an “ice cream social and line dancing” event for the reception. Attendees will be asked to contribute toppings for the ice cream. The $10.00 entry fee for the show will be used to cover the other costs incurred for the reception.

      Donations of artwork for a raffle to be held at the reception would be appreciated. Let Pat know if you would be willing to contribute.


      Grundy Library Show: Marty Shively reported that the show was a success. It raised $330 from entry fees, garnered two new members and  we got commissions from the sales of three paintings. Next year will be the tenth year for this event and Marty is seeking ideas as to how to incorporate that fact into ways to generate more activity.

      Prizes awarded for this show were:

                          First Place – Clare Bergen

                          Second Place – Rodney Miller

                          Third Place – Dave Zimmerman

                          Honorable Mention – Boyd Owen




      Fund Raisers: Pat Buchannan is finalizing the “Post Card” fundraiser set for September. Artists will be asked to donate paintings (4x6). More detail will be shared at the next meeting.


      Grants: Tom Furey and Gretchen Schroeder have been working on getting a grant for a hanging system at the hospital. Now that the hospital is under a new administration, that need no longer exists as we can hang directly on the walls.  They stated that the board needs to provide information as to what other needs could be met with a grant if they are continue with this endeavor.


      By-laws: The board has reviewed, and made recommendations for changes to the AOB by laws. These will be presented to the membership at the next meeting for review and discussion.  A vote will be taken for approval after a two month period.


      Bristol Riverside Theater: Additional artists are needed to hang in the lobby. Contact Rosemarie Strippoli if you are interested.


      Fund Raising: The position of “Fundraising Chairperson” on the board is vacant. We need to have a chair and a committee to work on future ideas and projects. Linda Reboh, Pat Buchannan and Rick Burkhart volunteered to be on the committee and Linda volunteered to co-chair. We need more volunteers and someone to work as a co-chair with Linda. Please contact Linda Grafius (Secretary) at if you would be able to help in this effort. 


      Google Calendar:  Tom Furey will be putting a link on the AOB web site to the Google Calendar of “Bucks County Shows and Exhibits”. This lists many events that our members can go to and participate in. 


      Some suggestions from the web site suggestion box and the floor were:

                *have an agenda for each monthly meeting

                *provide information about what goes on at the board meetings

                *have more demonstrations and workshops

                *advertise shows better

                *have more committees

                *use rooms in senior centers for events/activities




      Following the regular meeting, George Servais demonstrated some of the tools and techniques he uses in his art work.


      Next Meeting: May 8, 2019


      Linda Grafius


Date: March 13, 2019


Attendees: Dave Eater, Linda Grafius, Kitsie Saldan, George Servais, Marty Shively, Rosemarie Strippoli, (Kristen Baker)



The 21st Century Cohort 8 grant has been extended until December 2021. Money must be spent on programs for Bristol Borough children by that date or the money will need to be returned.


In addition, we have partnered on a new grant proposal for a Cohort 10 grant. If that is approved, we will have additional money to spend on similar programs.


Membership:  Marty reported that four people renewed their memberships in February. It was determined that anyone who becomes a member just to participate in a show will be considered to be a regular member.


Exhibitions: The Grundy Library Show has 33 participants who are showing 83 pieces. Three have sold. Also, there were approximately 175 people who attended the opening reception. People’s choice voting is still open.


We need to find someone to replace Claire Bergen to coordinate the bi-monthly exhibits at the library. Membership will be asked for volunteers.



Fund Raisers: Rosemarie reported that she has spoken with Pat Buchanan. Pat is planning the post-card fundraiser but has not given Rosemarie specifics to date. The expectation is that it will be held in the autumn.


By-Laws: By-laws need to be reviewed and revised. It was decided to have a special board meeting on Friday, April 5 at 11:00 at TAPS restaurant to work on this project. Board members are requested to review the existing document (available on the web-site) and come prepared with suggestions for any modifications needed. Anyone unable to attend is asked to send their thoughts to George prior to that date.


Projector: We are in need of a reliable projector. Bill Kearns and Dave Zimmerman will be asked for recommendations. The machine could be stored at Silver Lake Nature Center.


Linda Grafius



Adendum: Following the regular Board meeting, we were asked by Pat Riffe to approve a $10 entry fee from members who participate in the Lower Bucks Hospital shows. This will help offset her costs for publicity. A vote was taken by those board members present to approve this request.

Number of Attendees: 24



Membership Report: We currently have 56 paid members. We have several members who have joined, but who have not completed the application information form. If you have not done so, forms are available on our web site.


Events:The Grundy Show will be held from March 1stto the 30th. (People’s choice voting will be open.) Registration deadline is Friday, Feb. 15th. Label information must be sent to Marty ( Include your name, title of artwork, medium, and price.Drop off work Tuesday, February 26th, 5-7 P.M. (you can also drop off items for the display case at this time), Installation will be Wednesday, February 27thbeginning at 9:30 A.M. (Let  Marty know if you can help.) Reception: Thursday, March 7th, 6-8 P.M.  (Snow date March 8th). Pick up Saturday, April 6th1-3 P.M.


Rosemarie reported that the Bristol Riverside Theater has agreed to allow us to display in the back area of the lobby. One artist from AOB will be featured for the run of each show. Works can be hung or put on display easels. The artist is responsible to hang/take down the work, and must be present for each performanceonlyif there are works on easels. If possible, the theme of the artwork should be relevant to the show. The next show is “The Sunshine Boys”. It runs From March 12 to the 31st. Jean Jordan volunteered to display for the run of this show.


Rosemarie met with Michelle, the public Relations Director for Lower Bucks Hospital. She has agreed to allow us to hold our “Post Card Art” fundraiser in the Brown Auditorium of the hospital. We can bring our own food for the reception. Pat Buchanan will be the chairperson for this event. No date has as yet been decided.


Rosemarie has organized a joint effort between the Foundation, Lower Bucks Community College and AOB to provide free art classes for veterans. The college has agreed to provide a room and $1000 for art supplies for the first session (watercolor painting).  Rosemarie will teach the first course and George has agreed to do a future course in acrylics. We will need additional teachers from AOB who are willing to volunteer their time and we will need to apply for grants for money to purchase supplies for future classes. It is expected that the classes will be held twice a month for 2 or 3 hours. Details are still being worked out with the college. Rosemarie is working with veteran’s organizations as to how to notify future possible participants. 

Rosemarie is specifically looking for someone to teach drawing. If anyone is interested in teaching this class or classes in another medium please contact Rosemary Strippoli directly (

(Note: These will be art classes, NOT “art therapy”.)


Lower Bucks Community College: The “Have some HeART” show is still hanging at LBCC. There were 20 pieces sold at the reception.


Art in the Barn continues to provide classes for the community. Many AOB members are instructors there. Information is on both the Middletown Township and AOB web sites.


The Center for the arts has an open call for artist’s “BEST” work. Artwork drop off is February 26 and 27. Check the CFA web site for details.


Focal Planes Photography Club is having their annual show at Silver Lake Nature Center. Last day to enter is Friday, February 15. Information and prospectus is on the Focal Planes web site.


Please remember that the AOB web site has a place for you to make suggestions and offer ideas for ways to improve the organization. Submissions can be anonymous.





Our meeting ended with our member Boyd Owen leading the group in an exercise in art critique, stressing how hearing constructive criticism from others can help an artist understand how to improve their artwork. Several members participated. 



Linda Grafius



Congrats to Patti Bradeis for coming in 1st place in the "All Women Art Exhibition" see the announcement HERE

Number of Attendees: 29



Our meeting began with a comical and charming “Performance Art” piece by Caromay Robinson. It was a fun way to start the new year!



Treasurer’s Report: Our largest annual expense is for rent at the Center for the Arts. A discussion followed concerning the value of our continued association with CFA and a vote was taken with the decision being made to no longer rent space in the front of the gallery. Members were reminded that they can still participate in shows in the Back Room. (Note: there are many other places we can exhibit. Look on the web site for detailed information.)


Membership:  Dues ($20) for 2019 should be paid as soon as possible. You can pay on line by credit card or “Pay Pal”, in person, or by mail. 


Fund Raisers: It was suggested that we could do fund raisers to boost our treasury. Pat Buchanan volunteered to run a “Post Card Size” art sale where artists would contribute work and all of the proceeds of the sale would go to AOB. She will need to find a venue (perhaps the back room at CFA?) and publicity for the event will be very important for it to be a success. 


         Another suggestion was for members to run “art classes” and have the cost of the class exceed the operational costs with the profits going to AOB. Many of the members present expressed an interest in this type of activity. These classes could be open to the public with higher fees charged to non-members.


Web Site: Members were reminded that there is a “Suggestion Box” on the web site and that the board welcomes any and all ideas, concerns, and suggestions. Please use this format to share your thoughts.

If you have a personal web site it was suggested that you include the AOB logo on it.


Lower Bucks Hospital Exhibit: The hospital has again had a change in management. They still want us to continue our exhibits. Take down for the existing show is Monday, January 14 (If you are in the next show you can drop off the same day.) New people exhibiting should drop off work on Tuesday January 15. Pat Riffe will be sending detailed information and the prospectus to registered participants. The show is expected to run for three months.


Bucks County Community College: The “Show Some HeART” show will be held in February. All work should be priced at $125 with $25 going to the school’s scholarship fund and $100 going to the artist for all works sold. Information is on line at the community college web site.  


Artists at the Barn: Linda Reboh reported that many AOB artists run classes at “The Barn” in Middletown Township. These events are sponsored by Middletown Township Parks and Recreation Department and are open to the public. Fee and schedule information can be found on the Middletown Township web site or on their Face Book page (Artists at the Barn).


Grundy Library Show: This annual show will run for the month of March. Drop off will be the last weekend in February and pick up will be the first weekend in April. Marty Shively will send out a prospectus. You can enter two pieces for $10. Images are needed for publicity. They can be emailed to Marty. Also, the library is seeking “art materials” for their showcase. They can be donated or placed on loan for the duration of the show.



Shows and Exhibits: Tom Furey provided the following information as a resource for art activities locally.


Google Calendar Name: Bucks County Shows & Exhibits


Any one representing an Arts Organization can submit their email address and Tom will add them to the permission list for the calendar.


Critique: There will be no speaker at the next meeting. Instead we invite anyone who wishes to participate, to bring one piece of art work so that members of the group can offer constructive criticism and suggestions. This is intended to be a positive learning experience and a chance to benefit from the knowledge of your peers.


Linda Grafius (Secretary)


Meeting Notes – October 10, 2018

Number of Attendees: 26
Guests: 2

Our guest speaker for the evening was Jessica Taylor who gave a presentation on having a presence on the Internet. She suggested having a website, doing newsletters and having a blog to promote your work. She stated that Instagram gets a lot of traffic and that Pinterest is also a valuable resource for marketing artwork. Another way to sell is through direct marketing sites where you can upload your work and the company will print it on products as they are ordered.


Treasurer’s report: AOB has $2145 in its treasury. One new member joined last month adding $20 to the account. There was a question from the floor as to whether or not we have two accounts and it was explained that the $2145 represents AOB operating funds but that we have a separate amount with $7662.44 in a “Twenty-First Century” account which comes from Grundy Foundation funding and can only be used for programs given to children in the Borough. (Anyone interested in running such a program should discuss their ideas with the Board.)

Elections: Per the AOB by-laws, an election of officers and chairpersons is to take place in December with the new officials assuming their duties in January. The specifics of the duties of these officers and chairpersons can be found in the by-laws section of our website ( If you are interested in running for one of these positions please contact the secretary, Linda Grafius ( Formal nominations for positions will take place at the November meeting. A ballot will be prepared for use at the December meeting.

NOTE: John Styner (president), Gail Bracegirdle (vice-president), Janice Rhodes (treasurer), and George Servais (webmaster and publicity chair) will not be seeking re-election.

Hanging System: Tom Furey and Gretchen Schroeder have been working with Gene Williams on obtaining a grant to purchase a hanging system for artwork displayed at Lower Bucks Hospital. Tom has obtained information about appropriate systems and contractors have been obtained to get estimates on what it would cost to get a system for each of the 50-foot walls. (Tom suggested that in the future a working committee should be developed, with volunteers, who would be willing to work on similar projects.)

Historic Bristol Day: HBD will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2018, from 10 until 4. AOB will have a table outside the Community Baptist Church on Radcliff Street (across from the theater) and will also have a display/sale in the basement of the church. Artists may bring art to sell from 3 to 5 on Friday evening (roads are closed on Saturday) and are encouraged to come and stay on Saturday to interact with the community. Art should be reasonably priced (unframed and matted sells best) and artists need to bring their own tablecloth, and display easels. Also, we will have a space on the side of the church where artists can set up to do plein air work.
George Servais volunteered to donate a piece of artwork to be raffled off (to encourage more traffic into the church basement).

Center for the Arts: Ron McGucken, attorney, will be presenting a program at CFA on Monday, October 22, at 7 p.m. concerning copyright and legal issues.

Holiday Portraits: Family portraits are available through Focal Planes photo club for $50. The sittings will be on November 4 and 11 from 10 – 4 at Silver Lake Nature Center. To make an appointment contact Joe Connett ( (Also – Focal Planes has posted their schedule for the year at

Play Masters Theater: Tom Sicilia reported that there is an opening for an artist to display in the lobby of Play Masters Theater (Neshaminy State Park) in May of 2019. If interested, call 215-245-7850 and leave a message. Also, at 2:00 on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, the public is invited to a free dress rehearsal of the upcoming production at that theater.

Exhibits: Rodney Miller and Rosemarie Strippoli are exhibiting in the “Abstract Artists of Bucks County” show in Doylestown, and Gail Bracegirdle and Rosemarie are in the “Points of View” show at the Laceworks in Lambertville.

Suggestions: Pursuant to last month’s discussion, several suggestions were made as to how to improve AOB in general:
• improve communications
• increase the use of the website
• promote events/ receptions, etc. on Facebook, through emails and on the “Raising the Bar” pages
• have an “agenda” for meetings
• have each committee chair give a report at the meetings
• report on “where the money goes”
• have an updated member list available at each meeting
• allow for 15 minutes or so before the general meeting for “socialization”

These items will be reviewed and discussed in more detail in the future.

Next meeting: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 7:00
Silver Lake Nature Center



Meeting Notes – August 2018



Number of Attendees: 21


Financial Report: AOB remains solvent. We had income last month of $329 from art sales and a tax refund, and expenses of $289 that included the purchase of membership cards, a donation to Silver Lake Nature Center and a registration fee for Historic Bristol Day.


Lower Bucks HospitalLower Bucks Hospital Exhibit: Friday, September 7 is the take-down date for the current show. The new show will go up on Monday, September 10. Phil, from the hospital, will hang paintings that are under glass. All others will be hung by AOB members and will utilize 3M hooks/ strips that will be provided by the hospital. The reception will be held on October 4 in conjunction with a hospital lecture on “Health Matters”.

Volunteers from the group agreed to help hang paintings on September 10. We will also need volunteers to donate (store bought) food for the reception. Please email Pat Riffe ( if you are able to help.


Grundy Library:

The Grundy Library is hosting its annual exhibit and the theme this year is small businesses in Bristol.  They are inviting the AOB members to contribute to the exhibit by displaying any photos or paintings they might have of small business in Bristol Borough (past or present) and that they would be willing to display for the month of October.  (This does not include fire stations or churches.)


There are 3 small walls available to use to display the pieces so depending on how many responses they will determine how many pieces they can accept from each artist.  As of right now it is unknown how many artists are interested, so they are saying they will take 1-2 pieces per artist.  The cutoff date for responses from the artists is September 17th. 


They are requesting that the pieces be delivered to the library September 26th and 27th and picked up by the artist October 31st.  The exhibit is running from October 5th to October 31st.


Interested artists should contact: 


Patricia Gilardi

Administrative Assistant

The Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Library

680 Radcliffe Street

Bristol, Pa  19007

Telephone:  215-788-7891 x10

Fax:  215-788-4976


Center for the Arts: Dave Eater reports that the change over at CFA is Wednesday, August 15. 


Historic Bristol Day: HBD will be held on October 20. We will again be in the church basement and have a display booth in front of the church. This year we will be adding a new component to our activity. We will be having a Plein Air Demonstration at 2:00 behind the church. This will be listed in the program and will give our organization more exposure. 


Exhibits: Kitsie Saldan reported that a new form is being developed that will be filled out by each coordinator so that we can learn about the particulars of each event such as number of sales, attendees, problems, suggestions for the future, etc.


Sound: It was noted that some people have difficulty hearing during our meetings. A sound system was suggested. This will be discussed at a future board meeting.


Guest Speaker: our speaker for the evening was Richard Harrington, President of the Philadelphia Sketch Club.


The following was forwarded by Gail : (The sketches are by our speaker.)



Visual artists dedicated to fostering creativity, 
art appreciation, and education.


Dear Gail,

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August 2018 Portfolio


August 2018 Portfolio

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Ken Weiner, Editor 




Next Meeting: September 12, 2018