Hello - We hope everyone has remained safe and well during this pandemic. There appears to be a "light at the end of the tunnel" but we must remain cautious and careful. Please note that we are again going to CANCEL our monthly meeting (Scheduled for Wednesday, June 10) We don't know yet when we will be able to meet, but Silver Lake remains closed and we do not have a projected opening date for the center.


 Here is some information which you may find helpful:


 *AOB's artwork continues to be at the Grundy Library & a date for Pick-Up will be determined - only AFTER the Library is open to the public. The latest update is that it will be at least July until we can get our artwork.When they re-open to the public, limitations will probably require us to pick-up during hours that they are NOT open to the public.They WILL need that room for storage of materials as they are returned, so the show will not re-open.People's Choice ballots will be counted from those already entered before the closure. The raffle of Rose Marie Strippoli's watercolor was won by Boyd Owens & netted $170 which was donated to the Lower Bucks County Community College Art department. 


 * Silver Lake show (usually in June) could  possibly be re-scheduled for the Fall.


 AOB's artwork continues to be at the Lower Bucks County Community College until a date for Pick-Up is determined .


AOB's artwork continues to be at the Lower Bucks Hospital until a date for Pick-Up is determined . 

 *Historic Bristol Day (usually in October) is cancelled. *Our Coronavirus On-Line Art show is being participated in by many of our members - showing over 100 pieces. Please consider adding your work to the show. Good news: The painting “Today” by Rose Marie Strippoli was accepted into the Ohio 2020, 43rd Annual Juried Exhibition.   Chosen for the exhibition were 69 paintings from 248 entries.  Frank Eber of Paso Robles California was the juror of selection.   The exhibition will be at the Marathon Center, Findlay, Ohio beginning October 30. 


Hope to see you soon.Linda

Number of Attendees: 17

Guests: 3


Treasurers report: Dave Eater reported that we have $5304 in our regular account and $2332 in the grant money account. Income for the month was for dues and registration for the Grundy show. Our only expense was for a speaker fee.


Membership report: Marty Shively reported that we had no membership renewals nor new members in the last month.


Lower Bucks Hospital Exhibit: Due to ongoing concerns about COVID19, the show at Lower Bucks Hospital will remain hanging until at least the end of April. Anyone who needs to pick up his/her art before then should contact Ilene Rubin directly at Ilene@Ilenerubin.com


Bucks County Community College: The college will be closing for the next week for a deep cleaning. Pick up for the current show there has been moved to March 26.


Grundy Library Show: There are 28 participants and 66 pieces in this show. A raffle of a painting by Rosemarie Strippoli garnered $170 that will be donated to the Lower Bucks Community College Art Department. Voting for “People’s Choice Awards” is ongoing. Results will be announced at the April meeting.


Following the general meeting Rodney Miller and Marty Shively gave a talk on the proper way to hang and frame artwork.


Agenda items: If there is anything you would like to put on the agenda for an AOB meeting please get the information to Rodney Miller (ezrod512@comcast.net) by the Friday before the meeting.


Website: Don’t forget to check the website frequently for information about upcoming shows and opportunities to exhibit.





Next Meeting: April 8, 2020

January 8, 2020


Number of Attendees: 25


Treasurers report: There were no income nor expense transactions in December of 2019. As such our treasury remains at $6335.16.


Membership: Marty Shively stated that we currently have 25 members who have paid their 2020 dues. She will be accepting payments at meetings or dues can be paid directly to her through the mail or on line through Pay Pal. Membership cards and receipts are available.

Nametags will be available at each meeting and members will be encouraged to wear them.



Lower Bucks Hospital exhibit Ilene Rubin reported that the new exhibit set-up will be Thursday January 9 (10-12 noon) and Friday January 10 (4 to 6 p.m.) The reception will be from 6 to 8 on Friday evening, January 17. Members are encouraged to sign up to bring food for the event. Ilene reminded artists that that all paintings must be original (no prints or copies) and that photographs must be limited prints with signed/numbered (1 / 1) mats. In the future, the board will be discussing whether or not artwork will need to be a minimum size and price. (Please note:  There were some problems with artists wanting to pick up paintings from the last show at Lower Bucks Hospital before AOB and hospital representatives were present. Artists need to remember that this is a hospital requirement that must be followed.)



Future meetings: President, Rodney Miller has 6 speakers lined up for meetings in 2020. He is in need of 4 more ideas for activities to fill in the other months.

It was suggested that one topic for a future general meeting should be “Professional Presentation” (How to mat, frame, wire, etc.). Tom Furey and Rodney will prepare a presentation to be given, hopefully before the next LBH show.

Anyone with suggestions should contact Rodney at ezrod512@comcast.net


Grundy Library Show Important dates:

Registration – Wednesday, February 19

Drop off – Tuesday, March 3 (5-7 p.m.)

Installation – Wednesday, March 4 (11 a.m. Help is needed)

Show dates – March 6 to April 3 (People’s choice voting open)

Reception – Friday, March 6 (6-8 p.m.) (Snow date March 13)

Pick up – Saturday April 4 (1 – 3 p.m.)

Entry fee - $10 (2 paintings - photos and/or two sculptures)



·        Images for consideration in the Publicity Poster and Artist Bio for consideration in the Grundy newsletter should be sent to Marty (martyisart@aol.com) by Wednesday, January 29

·        Art items/tools etc. for inclusion in the display at the front door can be dropped off at the library by Friday, February 28

·        People’s choice award will be given out at the April 8 AOB meeting


It was decided to ask if one of the AOB members would donate a painting to be raffled at the Grundy show with the proceeds going to the Lower Bucks Campus of the Community College Art Program as a way to celebrate our 10 year association with the Grundy Library – Arts in the Schools program.


Speaker: Due to a scheduling mix-up our guest speaker, Veronica Kairos, was postponed until a later date.


Artist Trading Cards: A number of artists traded cards at the conclusion of the regular meeting.



Agenda items: If there is anything you would like to put on the agenda for an AOB meeting please get the information to Rodney Miller (ezrod512@comcast.net) by the Friday before the meeting.


Website: Don’t forget to check the website frequently for information about upcoming shows and opportunities to exhibit.



Next Meeting: February 12, 2020


Linda Grafius



Number of Attendees: 21


Treasurer’s report: Dave Eater reported that we have $4337.85 in our regular AOB account and $2332.77 in the 21st Century account giving us a total of $6352.16 in our treasury.


Membership: Marty Shively reported that we gained three new members in the last month. Two of them are returning members.


Fund raiser: The post card sale was a success, bringing $278 to our treasury. It was suggested that perhaps the left over paintings could be sold at Silver Lake Nature Center or on our web site.


Silver Lake Nature Center: We were informed that 12 of the 15 pieces of art that our members donated to SLNC for their fund raiser sold. Information as to the purchasers will be provided to artists at a later date.


Holiday Bazaar: Rodney had suggested that we do a bazaar, at Silver Lake Nature Center, to sell small Holiday related items but there were no dates available. We tabled this idea and may revisit it for 2020.


Exhibitions:  Ilene Rubin reported that there was one painting sold at the Lower Bucks Hospital show.

Dates for the next event at the hospital are as follows:


          Take down – Wednesday, January 8th from 4:00 to 6:30 (artists can then go to Silver Lake Nature Center for the January AOB meeting which will start at 7:00)

          Set up – Thursday, January 9th from 10 a.m. until noon and

                       Friday, January 10th from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m.

          The entry fee will be $10.00 per artist.

          There will be a reception on Friday, January17th, from 6.p.m. until 8

Anyone wishing to participate in the show, or to contribute to the reception,  should contact Ilene at Ilene@IleneRubin.com.



 By-Laws: The revisions to the AOB by laws were voted on and approved. They will go into effect January 1, 2020


Elections: Under the new by-laws, elections will take place in November beginning in 2020 All current officers have agreed to continue in their positions, however, the position of vice president is vacant. ANYONE WISHING TO VOLUNTEER TO RUN FOR VICE PRESIDENT OR ANY OTHER POSITION SHOULD CONTACT LINDA GRAFIUS AT LCGRAFIUS@aol.COM TO HAVE HIS/HER NAME PLACED ON THE BALLOT. If an election is required, it will take place at the December meeting.


Holiday Party: Our annual Holiday party will take place on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 6:00. Please contact Janice Rhodes at Martyisart@AOL.com, if you did not sign up at the meeting but would still like to contribute a food item to the party. Remember that we will be sharing our ARTIST TRADING CARDS at this event.


Agenda items: If there is anything you would like to put on the agenda for an AOB meeting please get the information to Rodney Miller (ezrod512@comcast.net) by the Friday before the meeting.


Website: Don’t forget to check the website frequently for information about upcoming shows and opportunities to exhibit.



Next Meeting: December 11, 2019


Linda Grafius



The Artists of Bristol group will be exhibiting their original fine art, both classic and contemporary at the Lower Bucks Hospital in Bristol, PA.

Debuting at this Fall show, the hospital has graciously provided a new hanging system for the artists to display and sell their works of: OIL, ACRYLIC, DIGITAL, PHOTOGRAPHY, WATERCOLOR, MIXED MEDIA & PASTEL. 

The 13 participating artists are: Gail Bracegirdle, Dawn Denner, Tom Furey, Mervyn Kline, Joanna Krasnansky, Lisa McGovern, Rodney Miller, Ilene Rubin, George Servais, Norman Simms, Karen A. Smith, Rosemarie Strippoli and Marjorie Trush

Come see and explore this beautiful Fall Exhibition runing thru December 2019 at Bristol’s Lower Bucks Hospital.

501 Bath Rd • Bristol, PA 19007 #lowerbuckshosp


Number of Attendees: 22


New Member: Deidra kerricks


Exhibitions: Ilene Rubin presented information about future exhibits at Lower Bucks Hospital. She will be the contact person for all aspects of the show including hanging, take down, labels, sales and receptions.                   The hospital is requiring that someone from their staff be present when any art is changed, and that a form be signed releasing the hospital from any liability.  There will be three shows per year. The next hanging is September 24 from 10 to noon and September 25 from 4 to 5:30. 

          The hospital has a permanent hanging system with rods and clips. The number of paintings each artist can hang will be determined by the number of participants in the show. Paintings should be no larger than 16x20.

Ilene will be sending detailed information directly to the membership concerning registration and show requirements. She will also be requesting volunteers to form a committee to help her. If she does not get enough volunteers, then each artist who enters the show will be responsible for hanging and taking down their own works.



Mentoring: Tom Furey reported that in order to plan for mentoring activities he needs information about who, from AOB, would be interested in either having a workshop (one session taught in a group) or being mentored (1:1 with a professional artist). He would also need to know which topics the potential attendees would like to learn (ie: oil, watercolor, drawing). He has solicited this information from the general membership.  


Fund raiser: Fox Chase Cancer Center is having a fund raiser on Sunday, November 10 at the AFC Fitness Center in Trevose. The cost of a table is 

(a tax deductible) $50. The suggestion was made that perhaps AOB could do this as a group. More information will be provided at the October meeting.


Speakers: Rodney Miller has requested suggestions for speakers for next year. We have a speaker at every other meeting and ideas for speakers from all aspects of the arts are encourages and welcome.


Artist Trading Cards: This year we will be doing an Artist Trading Card exchange at our Holiday Party. Details will follow, but this would be a good time to plan and make some cards to trade with other members. There are lots of videos and ideas on line for anyone needing information. Also, we may plan a social,l and ATC trading session, with other Bucks County artist groups in the future.


By-Laws: The latest draft of the by-laws revisions was presented and discussed. A final copy will be distributed prior to the next meeting. Please review it because a vote to finalize it will be taken.


Post Card Art:  Post cards for the October fundraiser were collected. Anyone who did not bring them to the meeting can drop them off at Bucks County Community College at the drop off for the “In the Shadows” show, Thursday Sept. 19.


Agenda items: If there is anything you would like to put on the agenda for an AOB meeting please get the information to Rodney Miller (ezrod512@comcast.net) by the Friday before the meeting.


Website: Don’t forget to check the website frequently for information about upcoming shows and opportunities to exhibit.



Next Meeting: October 9, 2019




Date: August 13, 2019


Members present: 27


Following the resignation of president George Servais, Rodney Miller has assumed the duties of president and will also continue his duties as vice president until an election is held or a replacement is appointed. Anyone wishing to volunteer to fill the role of vice president should contact the Board. Rodney reminded the group that if a member wants to put an item on the agenda the information should be sent to him a week in advance of the meeting.


Treasurers Report: Dave Eater reported that we currently have $3268.81 in our regular bank account and $5086.24 in the 21st Century account bringing our total assets to $8355.05. We had income of $271.50 from the Silver Lake show and there was a distribution of $150 as our annual donation to Silver Lake Nature Center.


Membership: Marty Shivley reported that we have over 70 paid members. She is going to contact members who have not renewed and invite them to rejoin the group.


Exhibitions: Rosemarie Stripoli shared that Ilene Rubin has agreed to be the chairperson for the Lower Bucks Hospital exhibit committee. She will need volunteers to help her. Exhibitors will be asked to volunteer in some way, as yet to be determined, to support the show.

The hospital is very keen to have us continue exhibiting there. They have installed a permanent hanging system for our use (Rosemarie is going to see if they can get hooks that lock) and will provide a variety of types of publicity. There are no dates for the next show but the hospital wants it hung ASAP. There will probably be 3 or 4 shows a year.

One issue that still needs to be addressed is that of insurance. Though exhibitors are covered for liability through the AOB policy, the hospital would like each artist to have personal insurance to cover their paintings. As this would be cost prohibitive for many artists, the matter still needs to be resolved.


Grants: Tom Furey reported that numerous local officials and governmental representatives have been contacted and that they have provided information and support in our efforts to apply for grants.


Gene Williams from the Grundy Foundation has submitted a request for proposals to conduct workshops and/or mentoring art-related experiences to an under-served segment of the community. Funding will be provided by the Grundy Foundation. Anyone wishing to participate should contact Tom or the Board for specifics.


Fundraiser: Pat Buchanan reminded the group about the specifics concerning the Post Card Sale on September 28. Participants are asked to donate 1 or 2 (4x6 or 5x7) pieces, unframed/unmated but signed. These will be sold at three venues. Pieces will be collected at the September meeting. She still needs volunteers to help set up, to help stuff programs for the theater, and to provide refreshments.


Social: Rodney suggested that we have some kind of a social event for other artists in the area. The idea was well received but no decision was made on specifics.


By-Laws: Dave Eater led a discussion of the proposed changes to the by-laws. Many suggestions were made. A copy of the revisions will be shared with all members of AOB and a vote for approval will be held at a later date.


Artist Trading Cards: Deborah Eater gave a presentation on ATCs. She shared some history of the ATC movement and had several examples to show. The members present thought it would be a fun idea to have a members’ trading session and perhaps use this idea as a component of a larger artist group social.

Members are reminded to check the web site for future events and exhibit opportunities.


Linda Grafius



Meeting Notes – July 10, 2019

Number of Attendees: 32

Visitors/New Members: Dave Dunlap & Chris Monteiro were visitors for the first time and both have joined A.O.B. Visitors included Dave's wife, John Ennis & our speaker, JoAnn Osnoe.


Fund Raiser: Pat Buchanan provided detailed information for the Post Card (4” x 6”) fund raiser which is scheduled for September 28 & 29. The cards will be donated by AOB artists and sold for $40 each in three venues: the rehearsal hall for Bristol Riverside Theater, Angelina’s Bake Shop, and Nobel Earth. There will be a drop-off box at the September meeting for delivery of your art. We will be able to take credit card sales at these locations. Dave Eater can instruct anyone unfamiliar with using the “Square” device. A separate e-mail with time changes & volunteers listed, as well as other needs will be forthcoming from Pat.


Historic Bristol Day on October 19, 2019: Janice reported that there were 12 people who expressed interest in participation in this event.Also, there were offers from Rick Hasney & Sean Murphy to help move/set things up & take down (canopy, table, sandwich board).We have a table outside the First Baptist Church with demonstrations and examples of work, and we also have tables in the basement where artists can set up (no charge) and display/sell their art work. 


Lower Bucks Hospital: Rose Marie reported that the hospital DOES still want us to exhibit there. A consensus from the membership was reached that we should continue with this venue.  For this to be successful, we MUST have a dedicated Chairperson who can organize all aspects, especially drop-off/pick-up/storage of artwork, security issues, necessity for receptions etc.. Prospectus' from other venues will help provide assistance. Pat Riffe is willing to share information with the new person.  No one volunteered to be the chairperson at this time. 


Bucks County Community College The next show is: September - “In the Shadows” Prospects is available at the college website: https://www.bucks.edu/culture/thegalleryatlowerbuckscampus/

Classes: George announced that Silver Lake has agreed to allow us to hold classes there.  This will be significant as we pursue this option in the future.

 Grants: Tom Furey reported the identified area of art classes for veterans,  run by Rose Marie at the Community College.
Publicity Chairperson: Tom Furey volunteered for this much needed position. Thank you, Tom

Grundy Library Individual Shows: Janice confirmed that Rodney is showing there now & Karen Smith will be there for the months of August & September.

Tinicum Show - Rose Marie Strippoli was awarded Best in Show, 2019. 


Speaker: The very talented & accomplished Bucks Count artist, JoAnn Osnoe gave a wonderful presentation of her work & techniques as illustrated in a slide show & some samples of her work. Questions & answers followed.

 Next Meeting: August14, 2019. We will be (finally) be discussing the proposed changes to the by-laws at this meeting. Be be prepared with your questions or comments.



Respectfully submitted by Marty Shively for  Linda Grafius, Secretary