Date: 12/08/2021


Number of Attendees: 20


Our annual Holiday gathering was held at Silver Lake Nature Center. Those who were able to attend enjoyed LOTS of good food, a warm and festive spirit, fun conversations, and the enjoyment of being together in person.

If you were unable to make it, you were missed!



At this meeting elections were held and the following  individuals will be our new officers and Board members for 2022:


President…………………………………..Rosemary Strippoli

Vice President…………………………….Janice Rhodes

Treasurer………………………………….Dave Eater

Secretary………………………………….Marty Shively

Membership Chair………………………..Deborah Eater


All other Board members and committee chairs will remain the same.



Due to the ongoing pandemic, the annual show at the Grundy Library has been cancelled for this year.



Next Meeting: IN PERSON, January 12, 2022, 7:00 at the Silver Lake Nature Center



Date: November 10, 2021


Number of Attendees: 10



Membership: We welcomed new member Ernest Koch to the meeting. Historic Bristol Day Report by Rose Marie Strippoli: The Bristol Day went well. Our signs helped and although many people found our table and location, we hope there is more participation and a different location to set up for next year. Thanks to all who helped.


Banner: Lisa McGovern & Ray offered several designs to choose from for the banner. Discussion included whether a designed background was better than a solid, and if the website should be on it. There were four designs and the overwhelming vote went to the bottom design of the four. The banner will come in at less than $100 and will be purchased through Staples.


Lower Bucks Hospital Show: "Bring on the Color" runs until November 22. We have had four sales. Congratulations to all who sold! The show can be viewed by the public from 2-7PM, during visiting hours of the hospital. The show comes down Monday, November 22nd, 3-6:00. Ilene provided the prospectus & hospital form for the next show - "The Joy of Art" - Dates run from Dec.1st., 2021 to Feb. 20, 2022. Sign up with Ilene: and register with Ilene Rubin by Mon, Nov. 15th. The deadline is approaching fast! We have 13 artists signed up for the next show. Deadline to send tag information for wall tags is November 22nd. Sent to Ilene. Drop Off & Hang Work: Mon. Nov. 29- 3:30-6PM Do NOT arrive after 6pm. Pick-up & Take Down Work: Mon. Feb, 21st. 2022 from 3:30-6:00PM Do NOT arrive after 6pm. There is still a $10 entry fee with 10% of Sales going to the Artists of Bristol There is no reception at the hospital at this time due to covid. Maybe in the future the receptions can resume. There are 42 wires for hanging, so there is plenty of space for more at least 20 more artists to show their art.


Cards: If you know of any of our members who are ill, hospitalized, etc, please let Janice Rhodes know at and we will send out a card. Cards were given out to Gail Bracegirdle for her work on the show at the Nature Center and to Lisa McGovern for her exhaustive and continued work on the Banner and Marketing for the Lower Bucks Hospital show. A card was signed and sent to Gene Williams.


LBCCCollege shows: "Black and White with a Twist of Red" Pick-Up: Dec. 2nd. 3-6PM Upcoming Shows: Show Some Heart 125 - February 7th - March 17th Spring Vision 2022 -April 4th - May 12th There have been 14 sales for this show. Agenda items:


Elections: We will nominate and vote on our Board in December. We need a new board and need members to help create a new Board. Available positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership, unless the current board member decided to remain. Rodney is stepping down as President due to health issues. Dave Eater has agreed to remain Treasurer unless someone else wants the position. Ilene Rubin has agreed to remain the chair of the Art Show at Lower Bucks Hospital. If you would like to run for a position or nominate someone for a position, please email Rodney ASAP.


XMAS Party! The next meeting is on December 8th at 6:30 at the Nature Center. Please note the time chance for a XMAS party. We need to contribute food items. Please contact Rodney if you’d like to CHAIR the food and drinks for this party. We need help!! Please give us a hand and give us a break! If you will bring food, please contact Rodney! All we’re asking is for someone to lend a hand. We discussed bringing individually wrapped items or items in little individual cups for safety reasons.


Rose Marie Strippoli sold a piece at Phillips Mill Art Show.


Agenda Items: If there is anything you would like put on the agenda for an AOB meeting please get the information to Rodney(} no later than the Friday before the meeting.


Website/Facebook: Don't forget the check our website and Facebook page frequently for information about upcoming shows and opportunities to exhibit.


Next meeting: December 8th, 2021 Xmas party at Silver Lake Nature Center at 7PM - In Person